Tips for Maximizing Results Inside and Out w/ Celebrity Trainer Dolvett Quince

You’re tuned in to another insightful episode of the Hustle for Happiness Podcast. Today I’m thrilled to share an interview guaranteed to leave you feeling motivated and empowered in your wellness journey.

My guest is celebrity trainer and biohacking pioneer Dolvett Quince. With over two decades in the fitness industry under his belt, Dolvett has helped transform the lives of A-list clients and everyday people alike through customized routines. He holds a third degree black belt in taekwondo and was a multi-sport athlete in his youth, experiences which helped cultivate grit, discipline and competitiveness that have served him well in his career.

“The more I gave, the more I got. I don’t even know if I found fitness or fitness found me.” 

Dolvett’s clients have included stars like Justin Bieber, Angela Bassett and Dr. Dre. He’s also known for his role on NBC’s hit show The Biggest Loser. Beyond impressive career accomplishments, Dolvett faced personal adversity without a stable home environment as a child, having experienced time in foster care. He also dealt with the loss of his mother to illness.

It turned out that Dolvett and I shared something profound in common – we were both adopted. In this candid conversation, we dive deep into our personal adoption stories and how they have shaped us. Dolvett also shares invaluable wisdom distilled from his experiences on developing discipline, balancing nutrition, supplementing strategically, incorporating biohacking techniques and so much more. Whether you seek to break through a plateau, manage stress more effectively or simply feel more empowered, this interview is for you. So sit back, get ready to take notes, and let Dolvett Quince’s message of resilience and community inspire your journey. The Hustle is about to begin!

Preparing for my interview with Dolvett Quince, I had no idea the catharsis it would provide. But from the first moments of our discussion, an instant rapport was formed – one rooted in our shared experience of being adopted.

Dolvett vulnerably recounted his childhood lacking stability in foster care. Bouncing between homes without his siblings, developing discipline seemed a means of gaining control. It lit a fire driving him to help others through fitness.

My own adoption journey brought parallels. Entering a new family situation came with adjustment challenges, leaving me highly independent as a coping mechanism. Like Dolvett, I’ve channeled past wounds into empowering others through mindset work.

Hearing his incredible transformation from such a difficult beginning to celebrity trainer and wellness pioneer was profoundly inspiring. But it was bringing our journeys together that brought the deepest healing – for the first time, I felt truly understood.

“I was always searching for someone to forgive my bad. See the goodness in me.”

Being able to build each other up through hard-earned wisdom was cathartic in a way I’ve rarely experienced. An unspoken empathy emerged from our shared circumstance, affirming that with understanding and support, even life’s detours can be reclaimed as triumphs.

If you too have faced adversity, don’t lose hope. Our conversation was a reminder that through resilience, routine and community, you can always hustle for your happiness. I’m grateful Dolvett joined me to spread this message of empowerment.

So what did we talk about…

Developing Discipline
Dolvett credits his success to establishing structure like morning fasted cardio sessions. Routines provide mental clarity and focus, which was especially important growing up without stability. Consistency forms habits that empower goals long-term.

Nutrition Philosophy
Dolvett’s “3121 Diet” balances clean, nutrient-dense whole foods with weekly treats. This flexible framework prevents burnout and ensures lifestyle changes stick. Portion control and minimizing processed foods also factor in.

Supplementation Strategies
To support intense workouts and aid recovery at an elite level, Dolvett takes targeted supplements. This includes amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and more to maximize performance both in and out of the gym.

Biohacking Techniques
Innovations like peptides, sauna baths, cold plunges and more help Dolvett feel his best and recover quickly. These experiments allow constant evolution of routines for longevity in the fitness industry.

Building Community
Surrounding yourself with supportive accountability partners keeps you motivated through challenges. Dolvett emphasizes the importance of both giving and receiving encouragement from your village.

Mindset Shifts
Dolvett talks about how he overcame adversity by replacing negative self-talk with self-love through disciplines. Cultivating compassion empowers thriving long-term in all areas of life.

Uplifting Others
Dolvett proves that by sharing your gifts, even the hardest seasons can fuel empowering countless lives. Purpose emerges from transforming struggles into tools inspiring wellness in community.

Reflecting on My Interview with Dolvett Quince

As I wrap up my conversation with celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince, I’m left feeling profoundly inspired by his story of resilience and commitment to empowering others through wellness. Beyond the invaluable fitness and nutrition wisdom shared, two things stand out most to me:

The first is discovering our shared experience of being adopted. Being able to openly discuss the challenges it brought, as well as how it shaped our drives, provided a deeply healing connection. It was affirming to realize experiences, though lonely at the time, can forge understanding enabling you to uplift others.

The second takeaway is Dolvett’s proof that through discipline, community and relentless growth, even life’s hardest seasons can fuel transforming countless lives. By facing adversity and channeling its energies selflessly, he embodies how to sail all winds towards your potential and uplifting community.

If you’re facing obstacles or seeking to optimize your well-being, don’t lose hope that understanding and purpose can emerge. As Dolvett shows, with hustle and heart, all paths lead somewhere – so keep empowering your journey and paying struggles forward through service to others. You’ve got this!


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