Ep. 25: The 1% Life: Rejecting Norms for Fulfillment w/ Dr. Hanson

I have to admit, when I first started my podcast the Hustle for Happiness, I didn’t really have a clear vision or direction for where it would go. All I knew was that I loved connecting with interesting people and sharing their stories. My conversation with Dr. Marshall Hanson for Episode 25 really exemplified for me what I hope to achieve – inspiring discussions that leave listeners feeling motivated to “pursue their own passions,” as Dr. Hanson said.

From the moment Dr. Hanson began recounting his early observations in dentistry that sparked his creativity and desire to innovate, I was inspired by his journey. What struck me most wasn’t just his relentless determination to change norms in his industry, but the “patience, grit and small daily improvements” as he noted, that manifested real and profound success over time. His attitude of viewing challenges not as roadblocks but opportunities to improve “just a little bit more each time” really resonated with me on a personal level.

As someone who has definitely faced doubts about the impact or purpose of my work at times, I could deeply relate to Dr. Hanson’s experiences navigating criticism and persevering anyway, as he said “when you have obstacles or challenges, it’s almost exciting.” It’s easy to get discouraged by setbacks, but his mindset of continual 1% growth each day despite hurdles was inspiring.

Dr. Hanson’s approach to fully completing one task before moving on really resonated with me. As he discussed developing his composite veneer method The Marshall Hanson Method, he noted focusing deeply on perfecting each individual “tooth at a time” before considering the next.

In my own work, I’ve found myself juggling multiple projects simultaneously instead of giving each my full attention. But Dr. Hanson’s perspective made a lot of sense – by treating every individual story or theme on my podcast with thoroughness, I can ensure my best efforts. Only through this dedicated approach can the quality of my work truly elevate, just as Dr. Hanson found his dental results improved from focusing fully on one tooth rather than rushing through multiple cases.

I also appreciated the parallels between his story and my own aims for the podcast. Just as he strives to weave his artistic talents more fully into dentistry, I want to bring my skills in storytelling and connection to new levels. Dr. Hanson’s reminder that fulfillment comes from pursuing paths we’re passionate about and can develop long-term in really resonated.

On a personal level, his emphasis on embracing different seasons of life through diet, exercise, rest and meditation has me reflecting more on my own self-care habits, which admittedly need work. In busy periods, it’s all too easy to neglect replenishing ourselves, as Dr. Hanson noted. His discussion served as an important reminder of balance.

Overall, my conversation with Dr. Hanson left me feeling newly motivated in my podcasting journey and daily life. I hope listeners are equally inspired by his story of finding purpose through passion, perseverance and small improvements. His remarkable achievements prove what we can accomplish by believing in ourselves, our visions and staying determined one day at a time.