Self care doesn’t have to be extravagant, it could be as simple as writing in your journal. When you create the daily habit of journaling you are creating a healthy relationship with yourself and you are releasing negative, hurtful feelings, or pent up thoughts. Think of it this way, the more we write the more we release from your body and clear our mind of things that weigh us down and cause us pain. Neil Parischa said it perfectly in his book, You Are Awesome, relieving a little mental anxiety on a piece of paper has been hugely healing for me. Because, crazy as it sounds, whenever we write out our little anxieties, they disappear.” 

From a great study called “The Benefits of Frequent Positive Affect: Does Happiness Lead to Success?” by Sonja Lyu-bomirsky, Laura King, and Ed Diener that if you show up to your day with a positive mindset, you’ll have 31% higher productivity, 37% higher sales, and three times as much creativity as your peer group. Those are big wins, all achieved by taking a few moments to let go of something, feel grateful, and bring some focus on your day. 

Hey, Courtney Brooke here, I am a certified life coach and your life bestie. I specialize in the mindset, relationships, and confidence. I believe that we are all in charge of our happiness and I am happy to share my journal prompts for self love that I use. 

Self love is defined by Google as,having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others.” 

Keep reading to learn more about my recommended self love journal prompts I have organized them into Morning and Evening journal prompts. Feel free to comment below what ones are your favorite and if you’d like to add your own. 🙂 

Prompt #1:  Morning Reflection: I must accomplish this ONE important thing today.

This self love journal prompt is specifically for the morning, this is great for those that have trouble sticking to a task, the one that is overloaded with things to do and has neverending todo list. This prompt is great for setting your intention for the day and really a great exercise to visualize (this helps me big time). As time progresses you will start to see your focus on a task grow and not only will completing one task create confidence within yourself but it will create momentum for the next task. 

I love this question so much because we all have so much going on. This really allows you to sit and reflect on one important thing and to really prioritize it. Another great benefit of this self love journal prompt is that it allows you to physically see that you completed such an important task and it will allow you to feel worthy, accomplished, and a sense of victory. And bonus, when you do complete that task, take a moment to acknowledge that you did and celebrate (happy dance)!

Prompt #2: Confidence Reflection: What’s shaped your life and made you who you’re today? 

This is one that often gets overlooked but SO important. Big or small, each event in your life has led you to this exact moment of finding me! This is big! Take your time to think back of your past to write about the good, the bad, the amazing, and the ugly. 

This self love  journal prompt is a great way to reconnect with yourself of moments in your life that have really shaped you, and yes you are amazing! This reflection exercise is one that can stir up a lot of emotions and one that can also provide healing and clarity for those that needed to be reminded of how great they really are (yes you)! 

I encourage you to simply write and let memories come through, no one will read it (just you), so take this seriously and feel the emotions that come up for you. The more you feel, the more you heal!

Prompt #3: Confidence Reflection: What compliment do you receive most often? How can you lean into this?

This self love journal prompt is so subtle yet SO crucial. Are you one that does not receive compliments well, do you turn away or look down, or do you respond back wondering why. I want you in the journal prompt and think about compliments that you have received. Think of the last time someone gave you a complement, how did you respond? How did you take it? How did your energy change? Again all subtle but so big!

Prompt #4: Morning Reflection: If I accomplish these things, my day will be great! 

This is a great prompt for one that is looking to define their purpose and identify their focus for their day. Grab your pen and journal and sit with your tea, coffee, or my favorite greens (check out my mindful morning routine)

Intention setting is simply stating what you intend to accomplish through your actions. This self journal prompt is perfect to do in the morning so you set your intention for the day and identify your clear focus for your day.. Intention setting is different from goal setting, a goal is a commitment you make to complete in the future, intention setting serves as a guide, a purpose you want to put out in the world. 

This self love journal prompt is a great way for you to subtly work towards your goal in a positive way, it’s subtle but has such a powerful impact. I am a firm believer that baby steps are crucial to hitting your goals and when you identify your daily goals and accomplish them, they ultimately lead you to that big goal. Take your time and go slow with yourself, set an intention that you can successfully accomplish and build each day. I encourage you to write the big goal out and create as many little steps with this journal prompt that will guide you to the completion of your big goal. Have fun with it!

Prompt #5: Confidence Reflection: What would you do with more confidence?

I love this self love journal prompt because it allows you to expand your thoughts outside your limiting beliefs and fears. So many of us are held back by the things we were taught as kids, or heavily influenced by  the opinions of others which can ultimately hold us back from accomplishing our goals or even dreaming. 

 The focus here is to have you see what your life could be like if fear wasn’t in the way and how you would embody the confidence that you desire. If you weren’t worried about the opinions of others, the thought of what someone might say, or how one views you, what would you do more of?

The reality is we live in a society where people are openly expressing their unwanted opinions, you see on social media how someone is better than you (so you think), what views you should have, how you should live your life. All of these “shoulds” get in the way of our confidence. So take this prompt and have fun with it, day dream about the confidence you desire!

Prompt #6: What energizes you? How can you bring more of this energy into your life?

Like Beyoncé sings “You wake up, flawless. Post up, flawless.” Love yourself, you’re FLAWLESS. Being confident is an energy! Read that again, being confident is an energy! 

Start with this prompt by reflecting on scenarios  where you are confident. Think of past experiences where you have been confident, and what did that feel like? What type of energy did you exude? Now, think of times where you weren’t so confident, what energy did you give off? What comes up for you? Were you with a group of people that did bring out the best in you? 

This self love journal prompt is great for someone who is overwhelmed with the negative energy surrounding them. This is for one that has trouble getting out of their heads and leaning into the person they desire to be. Use this prompt to really channel your inner Beyonce and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and develop a positive view of yourself. 

Having trouble accepting your weaknesses? Feel free to try this exercise!

Many of you that read this are new to journaling and to the self love game, and if you aren’t I feel so honored to have you here.  I want to commend you personally for having the courage to do the work to work on yourself. You have done the hardest part, deciding to grow!

I really hope you’ve found this list of self love journal prompts to be helpful as much as I have! Don’t forget to grab your productivity timer and journal (yes physically write) and share it with your friends who may also find it helpful.