Why I Follow a Mindful Morning Routine

Evening and Morning routines are very crucial (both are equally important), this post is specifically for morning routines. I used to wake up and go straight to work and did nothing for myself to start the day. I would eventually add working out to my routine, but I still wasn’t waking up by being intentional with my morning routine. I would literally wake up at the last possible minute to squeeze a workout in before I had to then sit in traffic for 45 minutes to get to work. I had always thought that morning routines were about making your bed, eating or grabbing a coffee, and getting to work 10 minutes early. When in all actuality, mindful morning routines are there to set your day up for success, being intentional with your morning decisions, and creating energy to have a productive and positive day. 

Lets flip this and talk about how waking up on the wrong side of the bed can lead to stress, poor sleep, a mismanagement of time, and unhealthy food habits. It’s time we start being intentional with our morning routine and hand select everything we do before we step into the office or take care of others. I have shared my current mindful morning routine, I hope you enjoy just as much as I do!

Step 1: Wake Up at 5:00AM & Bed Made

Wake up with a task!

5:00AM I wake up, yes some call it crazy I call it my mindful morning routine. I go to bed with my purpose set for the next day. I wake up with my goal in mind, this is the thing that gets me up. For instance I will put in my calendar meal prep at 5:00AM, this will be a task that isn’t complicated to keep me snoozing but it’s a task that I must get done. Another one is walking on the treadmill for 3 miles (or a 30 minute walk outside), again not a super but one that excites me to wake up and go do. My first task right when I wake is to make my bed and open the blinds. There’s something about coming home or back into a room with a bed that is made. It’s an easy task that can be completed right away and will give you energy and motivation to complete more tasks throughout your day. 

“If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day,” McRaven told the graduates. “It will give you a small, simple pride and encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. By the end of the day that one task will have turned into many tasks completed.”

(click here for his full speech, one of my favorites)

One thing that makes the 5:00AM wake up easier is my alarm clock. I cannot stand waking up to a screaming alarm clock. It sets my mood off, honestly scares me into a shitty mood, and it’s not one that wakes me up peacefully. I have linked my alarm clock below and one that mimics the sunrise. Not only great to be naturally woken up, but if you’re like me and hate the dark mornings of winter then this will be perfect for you. 

Step 2: Morning Greens

Explain the step here. If there are any specific products related to this step, be sure to add it! You can also mention why this is such a pertinent step in your routine and what it does for you.

After waking up in peace, I make my way out to the kitchen (of course post brushing teeth and my morning skincare routine) to drink my greens. Yes, drink is bolded, because I am not chugging or painfully forcing myself to drink. I have tried many greens that straight up taste like cardboard and this specific one (link below) is with a berry flavor so it’s actually not painful and it’s something that again is an easy task to complete. This is the first thing in my stomach and then I wait 30 minutes to have my coffee or tea. I linked a mini hand blender too because I can’t stand clumps, so this is really helpful to mix up evenly. 

This step is one that is my favorite in my mindful morning routine because I am honoring my body first thing in the morning with nutrients. Before drinking my greens I would go straight for coffee and that has zero nutritional value and is a step that is often followed by another cup of coffee and then ends in not even breakfast at all. I love the fact that the greens are just a positive, easy, and happy step that takes zero effort. Again for me creating a mindful morning routine is one that isn’t complicated and created with tasks that set my day up for success. 

Benefits of greens: Targeted herbal blends to support healthy aging, immune health, energy, and a healthy stress response. Plus probiotics, digestive enzymes, and natural fiber to support your digestive health

Once you have taken your greens I suggest you wait 15-30 minutes before reaching for your coffee. Just allow your body to absorb the nutrients without the interference of caffeine or any other things entering the body. 

Step 3: 2-Minute Journal Routine

This step is one that will absolutely change the outcome of your day, as it does mine. I am an avid reader and absolutely love anything to do with mindset, self love, and relationships (check my blog on my favorite books at the moment). I was reading You Are Awesome by Neil Pasricha and he mentioned a two minute morning journaling activity that consist of 3 questions:

1. I will let go of…

2. I am grateful for…

3. I will focus on…

I do this right after my greens (around 5:30AM), this is the part of my mindful morning routine where I am waking my brain up (step 2 is waking my stomach up). These 3 questions simply allow you to let go of regret, practice gratitude for being in the present moment, and to set your intention by writing down what you aim to focus on for the day. Again, when you live intentionally you are getting more out of your day by staying focused in a positive way!

Neil Pasricha said it so perfectly, “We are all awake about 1000 minutes in our day and this is just 2 minutes to give to yourself. So isn’t it worth taking two of those minutes to help the other 998 be as good as possible?” I recommend checking out his book, You Are Awesome.

If you aren’t a journaling type of person then think of this exercise as answering 3 questions to have that much better of a day. When we write things to paper we are triggering ourselves to do some healing within, crazy as it might seem, but writing our anxieties to paper can simply make them disappear!

Step 4: Vitamins & Eggs And Toast

Alright it’s time we fuel the jet (our bodies), and fill them up with nutrient dense foods. My go to is a 2 whole eggs on Ezekial toast or Dave’s Killer Bread. I am salivating just thinking of my breakfast tomorrow, something about an egg on a crunchy piece of toast that just excites me more than anything (well mostly anything in the moment of preparing my breakfast haha). I was the girl that insisted on having my egg whites and cringed when I was asked if I wanted a whole egg. My mind instantly went to why would I eat more calories if I didn’t have to? Gosh I had no idea what I was thinking or talking about. Whole eggs yes have more calories, but the nutrients in them are gold. YES GOLD! 

Fun fact about eggs is that they are proven to help your mental health! Just think about it…when your body is getting the proper nutrients, your gut health is working optimally, and your brain is functioning properly you are going to be in a better mood. BOOM.

Along with my eggs and toast I take my vitamins and it’s important that you do too. Supplements are great for enabling our bodies to work, support brain function, and allow us to digest properly. If you don’t know me, I am the kind of girl that loves everything to be aesthetically cutesy, and I have the cutest pill organizer linked below.  Now it’s not just any pill organizer, I am not talking about the Monday through Friday ones that our grandparents use (or parents). It’s actually one you can travel with and have out without feeling like you have to hide your pillbox (cause we all know what they look like).  

My Advice for Having Good Morning Routines

What might work for me could be very different for you, and that’s okay! Here are some tips to explore an effective morning routine for you:

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Start your day without your phone
  • Wake up and do something for yourself every morning (I am not talking about brushing your hair), do something that makes you truly happy (i.e morning walk, greens, meditate, etc.)
  • Figure out a way to get you out of bed. 
  • Nutrients to start the day
  • Prioritize important tasks
  • Keep it simple
  • Do what works best for you

This is my mindful morning routine, I encourage you to explore and find what works for you. We are all created equally differently and it might take some time for you to really figure out what works best for you, and that’s ok! Some tasks might stick and that exactly how you build your morning routine, start with one thing at a time (like getting out of bed without hitting that dang snooze button), take it slow and wholeheartedly do it!