EP. 23: Learning to Accept Yourself and Stop People Pleasing w/ Sky Quartararo

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to share a really inspiring conversation on The Hustle For Happiness Podcast I had recently with my friend Skyler. Sky Quartararo is a 32-year-old celebrity makeup artist and influencer based in Orange County, California. She has been a part of the beauty community for over 10 years after starting her career shortly after getting married almost 11 years ago. Sky has been freelancing since 2017 after over a decade of experience in the industry.

With over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, Sky has worked on high-profile campaign shoots for magazines such as Maxim and brands including House of Lashes, NYX Cosmetics, and Vici Dolls. She has also done makeup for reality stars on shows on Bravo like The Real Housewives of Orange County and Selling OC. Her celebrity clientele includes influencers and personalities like Delaney Childs, Amber Lancaster, Lindsay Harrod, and Kourtney Keller. Additionally, Sky has done makeup for NFL network host Taylor Bisciotti.

Beyond her work behind the chair, Sky creates influential content for top fashion and beauty brands. She has produced digital campaigns and tutorials for brands like IT Cosmetics, Armani, Patrick Ta, Good American, NYX Cosmetics, Savage Fenty, Milk Makeup, and Set & Stones.

Sky’s expertise and creative vision have established her as a sought-after makeup professional and creator within the industry. Since starting her career, Sky has been in active pursuit to change the way women see themselves one face at a time.

Beyond her successful career, what I admire most is Skyler’s journey of radical self-acceptance. On today’s show, Skyler opens up about overcoming struggles with body image, anxiety, and seeking approval stemming from her competitive figure skating background.

As many of you know, Skyler is a super talented makeup artist who’s become quite the influencer in the beauty space. But beyond her skills and success, what I admire most about Skyler is her journey of radical self-acceptance.

Skyler came over last weekend and we ended up talking for hours about our experiences with insecurity, anxiety, and seeking validation from others. We both struggled with body image issues growing up – Skyler as a competitive figure skater and me as a cheerleader. We could relate to that constant inner critic. But Skyler has done so much inner work to get to a place of truly loving herself unconditionally.

She shared how a pivotal moment at 25 led her to make a daily choice to embrace herself fully, without excuses or justification. Skyler stopped letting unrealistic beauty standards dictate her worth. This shift transformed her life completely – she overcame anxiety and pursued her dreams fearlessly. Now she helps so many women through her work.

Skyler had some great tips to offer. She emphasized the importance of self-care, balance, and prioritizing your own happiness above people pleasing or seeking approval. Daily self-talk and challenging limiting beliefs is so important too. Skyler also finds peace and purpose through her faith.

It was so cathartic to connect with someone who “gets it” on this journey.

I feel inspired to keep choosing myself and embracing my imperfections.

I hope you all can take something meaningful from Skyler’s story too. Let me know if any part resonated!

Here are some of the tips Skyler shared for practicing self-acceptance:

  • Daily self-talk – Intentionally challenge negative thoughts and replace them with loving affirmations. Say things like “I love myself exactly as I am.”
  • Prioritize internal joy – Do activities that bring you happiness for their own sake, not just to please others or achieve a goal.
  • Accept all emotions – Give yourself grace through ups and downs. Your worth isn’t defined by moods.
  • Limit social media comparisons – Curate an authentic feed that inspires rather than makes you feel inadequate.
  • Validate yourself – Trust your own opinions over seeking constant approval. You have so much wonderful to offer.
  • Embrace uniqueness – What makes you different is beautiful. Individuality should be celebrated.
  • Practice self-care – Nourish your mind, body and soul through hobbies, healthy habits, and downtime to recharge.
  • Let go of perfection – No one is perfect and striving for it only breeds unhappiness. Flaws are what make us human.
  • Surround yourself with uplifting people – Spend time with those who appreciate you for who you are.
  • Address limiting beliefs – Identify where insecurities stem from so you can release shame and start fresh.

Self-acceptance ebbs and flows – it’s an ongoing choice rather than destination. My chat with Sky inspires keeping compassion for where I’m at while embracing growth. I hope you find meaning in our stories on this journey too. Click here for the full episode.