Ep. 19: What I’m bringing into 2024 and Leaving in 2023

Welcome to Episode 19 of the Hustle for Happiness podcast: What I’m Leaving in 2023 and Bringing Into 2024. As we close out this year and embark on a new one, it’s the perfect time for reflection, goal-setting and making positive changes.

Over the past year, I’ve done a lot of introspection and personal growth through this podcast journey. In each episode, my aim has been to have honest discussions sharing lessons learned, challenges faced, and insights gained along the way. Episode 19 continues in that spirit, as I delve into specific habits, mindsets and routines that no longer serve my highest self after deep reflection.

In today’s discussion, rather than our usual lighthearted intro format, I wanted to get straight to the heart of what I’m leaving behind in 2023 in order to embrace even greater wellbeing, balance and fulfillment next year. My hope is that by detailing concrete examples of changes I’m making, it provides tangible takeaways and encouragement for your own evolution.

Whether you’ve been following since the beginning or are new to Hustle for Happiness, I hope you find value in this reflective conversation. Personal growth is an ongoing journey, and I’m grateful to have you all as companions on the path of continuous learning and improvement. Now, without further ado, let’s get started with what I’m leaving behind in 2023 and bringing into the new year.

Morning Routines:
For years I felt immense pressure to have perfectly curated morning schedules packed with tasks. But these rigid routines backfired, causing anxiety if anything was delayed or missed. In 2024, I’m leaving perfectionism behind and adopting a relaxed approach focused on one meaningful activity like meditation. This takes the stress out of mornings and allows me to truly enjoy the process.

Previously, I had an unhealthy fixation on intense, exhausting workouts where I constantly pushed my body to its limits. But this obsession led to burnout instead of fulfillment. Moving forward, I will prioritize adequate rest, stretching, listening to my body and making exercise a way to feel good, not feel guilty. Balance is key.

Coffee Habits:
Relying on processed, fast food coffee disrupted my health, though it was convenient. This year, I’m replacing that habit by making coffee at home as part of a daily ritual. Brewing it myself allows me to use cleaner ingredients and wait to enjoy later for optimal wellness.

Embracing Natural Beauty:
I realized I was addicted to constantly seeking the “latest and greatest” cosmetic procedures, but this didn’t nurture self-acceptance. In 2024, I aim to embrace natural beauty through non-invasive wellness treatments instead of filler use.

Prioritizing Mindfulness:
To reduce daily stress, I will incorporate more right-brain activities like creativity, nature appreciation and meditation into my routine. These nurture presence of mind.

Digital Detoxes:
Periodically disconnecting from screens through digital detox breaks will allow me to more fully experience life offline in the present moment. I’m also taking social media breaks for increased mindfulness.

Self-Care and Nutrition:
Prioritizing whole foods, self-care routines, adequate sleep and avoiding burnout will be key to nurturing overall wellbeing and balance in the coming year.

In wrapping up:

This reflection on habits I want to leave behind in 2023 and bring into the new year, I’m reminded of how far I’ve come in my personal growth journey. Revisiting where I was just one year ago, certain routines and mindsets no longer serve who I’m becoming.

This process of introspection, goal-setting and intentional change is an ongoing one. While I’ve identified specific areas of focus for 2024, I know new insights will also emerge throughout the year. Life presents continual opportunities for learning, adjusting course, and fine-tuning our relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

My hope in sharing this perspective is to provide encouragement for listening to inner wisdom, embracing evolution, and prioritizing fulfillment on both small and large scales. I don’t have all the answers, but cultivating presence, self-care, balance and acceptance is where I find my truth. It’s been rewarding to reflect on lessons from 2023 and articulate intentions for an even healthier 2024. I look forward to the journey ahead – and to hearing how you apply insights in your own lives.