EP: 21: Developing an Unstoppable Mindset w/ Moha Bensofia

When Moha Bensofia shares his story, it’s impossible not to feel motivated. As the founder of Mendi Neurotech, Moha is on a mission to revolutionize global mental healthcare. But his journey began far humbler – as a refugee in Costa Rica facing immense hardships.

In this blog recap, I’ll break down key insights from my inspiring conversation with Moha. You’ll discover how he overcame obstacles through cultivating an unstoppable mindset. Learn Moha’s secrets for challenging yourself daily, building authentic connections and always focusing on life’s possibilities.

You’ll also get an inside look at Mendi’s groundbreaking work. Moha is democratizing access to neurofeedback therapy worldwide through brain training games.

By the end, I’m confident Moha’s message of resilience and optimism will empower you to embrace challenges as opportunities. So read on to be motivated by one man’s incredible rise from refugee to CEO and visionary positively impacting millions of lives.

Let’s Get Into It…

This week’s episode of Hustle for Happiness was truly inspiring. I had the pleasure of chatting with Moha Bensofia, CEO and founder of Mendi Neurotech. Moha shared his incredible journey from refugee in Costa Rica to building a company on a mission to revolutionize global mental healthcare.

We learned how Moha developed an unstoppable mindset of optimism and simplicity, which he calls “Pura Vida.” Through embracing challenges and always focusing on life’s possibilities, he’s been able to overcome immense obstacles. Moha’s resilience and determination are hugely motivating.

Moha also gave us an inside look at Mendi’s groundbreaking work using neurofeedback therapy and brain training games. Their technology has incredible potential to help conditions like anxiety, depression and ADHD naturally. I was fascinated to learn about Moha’s vision to make these mental wellness tools accessible worldwide.

Here’s a more in-depth preview of the topics we’ll cover:

Moha’s Incredible Journey: He’ll share how he moved from Costa Rica as a refugee and never let challenges stop him. Discover the hardships he faced and how he overcame immense obstacles.

Developing an Unstoppable Mindset: Moha will explain how he cultivated a perspective of optimism, simplicity and “Pura Vida” living. Learn his secrets for staying positive no matter what life throws your way.

Overcoming Obstacles Through Resilience: Moha knows what it’s like to face immense adversity from a young age. Find out how he refused to let his past define him through community support.

Mendi Neurotech’s Groundbreaking Work: We’ll discuss the company’s use of neurofeedback therapy and brain training games. Moha will explain how their at-home technology is helping improve mental health conditions.

Making Mental Healthcare Accessible: Get Moha’s vision for democratizing these tools and empowering people everywhere to take charge of their wellbeing naturally.

Cultivating Self-Efficacy: Moha shares practical tips for challenging yourself, embracing opportunities and wiring your brain for success no matter your circumstances.

An Unconventional Take on Networking: Find out Moha’s approach to building genuine connections through shared principles rather than superficial charm alone.

Tips for Taking Back Control: Moha offers advice for ditching coping mechanisms, simplifying your perspective and helping others as you fulfill your potential.

Some of my Ah-ha Moments…

– Challenging yourself daily to strengthen your “prefrontal cortex muscles”. Moha believes we should all work to train and optimize our brain, just like we do our physical bodies. His neurofeedback tools make this easy and impactful.

– Surrounding yourself with people of high integrity through authentic connections. Moha prides himself on cultivating genuine relationships, not superficial ones. He’s drawn to others who empower and inspire him.

– Embracing challenges and seeing them as opportunities for growth, not limitations. Moha refuses to be defined by obstacles and looks for the possibilities in every curveball life throws his way.

– Maintaining an optimistic and simple “Pura Vida” perspective. Moha stressed living with gratitude, focusing on opportunities over problems, and not taking yourself too seriously.

– Helping others as part of fulfilling your own potential. Moha’s passion comes from empowering millions to live happier, healthier lives through accessible mental wellness tools.

Moha’s consistent message is that with resilience, community and an unstoppable mindset, you can achieve any dream. I was deeply inspired by his insights.

Tune in to be motivated by Moha’s story of growth and learn how to adopt his perspective of endless possibilities. I promise this will be an uplifting episode you won’t want to miss!

For my listeners, if you want to try Mendi’s breakthrough approach yourself, use the code COURTNEY20 to get 20% off your own neurofeedback device at mendineuro.com. I strongly believe this technology empowers people to take back control of their mental wellbeing.

Overall, this was such an uplifting episode. Moha proves that with optimism and community, any dream is achievable. I hope you’ll be inspired to adopt his “Pura Vida” perspective of endless possibilities. Thanks for tuning in!