Welcome to Episode 13 of Hustle For Happiness, where we delve into the transformative world of breathwork and its profound impact on our lives. Today, we’re joined by the extraordinary Ava Johanna, founder and CEO of The Academy of Breath™.

Ava Johanna is the founder and CEO of The Academy of Breath™, an online mindfulness and breathwork education platform dedicated to making these transformative practices accessible to all. Recognized for her pioneering role in the breathwork and meditation space, Ava modernizes the industry with a unique approach focused on well-being beyond just stress relief. Through her 12-week breathwork and meditation certification, she has empowered over 500 students globally, blending science, mysticism, and business to enhance quality of life and make a positive impact on the world. Ava views breathwork as an art form, a way to connect authentically with oneself and the world, transcending mere physical and scientific dimensions. Join us on this captivating journey with Ava Johanna, a trailblazer in the breathwork revolution.*

Ava’s Journey: From Breath to Bliss

In this episode, we dive into Ava Johanna’s life, seeking to understand the pivotal moments that set her on the path to becoming a breathwork practitioner and advocate for happiness. Ava reflects on her upbringing and the early influences that sparked her passion for breathwork, propelling her to share this transformative practice with the world.

Life often offers defining moments that shape our trajectory. Ava shares a pivotal experience that emphasized the importance of prioritizing happiness and well-being, setting the stage for her life’s purpose.

Breathwork: Healing the Soul

Divorce, a life-altering event, leaves emotional scars. Ava walks us through her personal healing journey and how breathwork played a crucial role in her process of letting go, healing past wounds, and nurturing self-love.

She unveils unique breathwork practices she developed during this transformative period, offering guidance for those seeking solace and strength through challenging life transitions.

Self-Empowerment through Breath

In the realm of relationships, self-worth is the cornerstone of healthy connections. Ava shares how breathwork enhanced her self-esteem, enabling her to attract a more aligned and positive romantic partnership.

For those grappling with similar experiences, Ava offers invaluable advice on leveraging breathwork to heal, grow, and embrace love once more.

Embracing Vulnerability and the Unexpected

Vulnerability is the gateway to love. Ava recounts how her breathwork practice assisted her in breaking down emotional walls and embracing the beauty of vulnerability, opening doors to new possibilities.

And because life is unpredictable, Ava leaves us with a light-hearted, unexpected breathwork-related anecdote, showcasing the delightful spontaneity of this practice.

Navigating the Future: Breathwork and Beyond

Ava, a thought leader in the mindfulness space, shares her insights on the future of mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation. She dispels misconceptions, highlighting the variety of techniques and approaches that fall under the umbrella of breathwork.

And to ensure sustainable growth, Ava offers practical tips on integrating breathwork into daily life, fostering lasting benefits and contributing to long-term well-being.

Ava’s Daily Rituals and Growth Adventures

Finally, we get a peek into Ava’s daily non-negotiable happiness rituals and recent personal growth pursuits that continue to enrich her journey.

Join us as we embrace the wisdom and inspiration Ava Johanna brings, encouraging us to breathe, believe, and blossom into our most authentic selves.

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Thank you for joining us in this episode of Hustle For Happiness. Remember, every breath you take is an opportunity to find your happiness, share your light, and make a difference in the world. Until next time, keep breathing, keep believing, and keep hustling for your happiness.

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