Welcome to another inspiring episode of the ‘Hustle for Happiness’ podcast. Today, we have the privilege of taking a deep dive into the world of Erin Fader, a renowned jewelry designer whose creations not only adorn the glamorous pages of top publications but also embody empowerment, elegance, and the spirit of the modern woman.

Erin’s journey is a testament to the power of creativity and dedication. Her designs have graced the runways of fashion capitals, and they have adorned the necks, wrists, and fingers of celebrities. But Erin’s story goes beyond jewelry; it’s about discovering strength, confidence, and beauty in the everyday.

In this episode, we’ll explore Erin’s incredible journey, from her beginnings as a Gemologist to becoming a celebrated jewelry designer. We’ll uncover the profound impact of her work on the world of fashion and empowerment. We’ll also delve into her personal experiences, including the courageous decision to place a child for adoption. Through it all, Erin has navigated life’s challenges with unwavering resilience, determination, and an unyielding ‘hustle for happiness.’

So, without further ado, let’s step into Erin Fader’s world of elegance, empowerment, and everyday armor on this enlightening episode of the ‘Hustle for Happiness’ podcast.


Erin, thank you for joining us today. To kick things off, could you share a bit about your background and how you ventured into entrepreneurship with your jewelry line?

Your jewelry line has gained recognition for its unique and empowering designs. Could you tell us about the inspiration behind your creations and what sets your brand apart in the industry?

Navigating Emotion & Business

Erin, you’ve faced various challenges and triumphs in your life, including the deeply emotional decision to place your child for adoption. Can you discuss the emotions and thought process you went through during that time? (Click here for mental health resources)

As someone who was adopted myself, I often contemplate my birth parents and the circumstances surrounding my adoption. Could you describe your experience and emotions surrounding the decision to place your child for adoption?

The decision to place a child for adoption is undoubtedly one of profound love and sacrifice. Can you share the motivations and feelings that led you to make that choice?

Many entrepreneurs draw strength and resilience from personal experiences. How have the emotions and lessons from your experience of giving a child up for adoption influenced your entrepreneurial journey?

Balancing personal emotions and the demands of a business can be overwhelming. Can you share specific strategies or coping mechanisms that helped you stay focused and creative during challenging times?

Finding Closure and Reflection

Looking back at the time when you made the decision to place your child for adoption, can you share how you managed to find a sense of closure or peace with that decision, and how it has evolved over time?

As time has passed since you made that difficult decision, how do you reflect on it now? Are there any insights or perspectives you’ve gained with the benefit of hindsight?

Inspiration for Others

Your story has the potential to inspire others who may be facing similar challenges. What advice would you offer to individuals who are juggling personal hardships alongside their professional pursuits? (Here my story here)

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In wrapping up today’s episode, I want to emphasize the deeply moving and genuine nature of Erin Fader’s story. Her journey, which encompasses entrepreneurship, single parenthood, and the profound decision to place her child for adoption, is a testament to the authenticity of the human experience.

Erin’s story underscores the importance of responsibility not as a burdensome duty but as a profound act of love and care. Her willingness to make difficult choices for the well-being of her child exemplifies the raw and heartfelt responsibility we all bear in our lives.

We’ve learned from Erin that being responsible doesn’t just mean fulfilling obligations; it means making choices guided by your values and the love you hold for those you care about. It’s a theme that resonates deeply in her life’s journey.

As we conclude this episode, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on Erin’s story and how it might intersect with your own life. Perhaps it’s a reminder to embrace responsibility with authenticity, to make choices guided by your values, and to pursue happiness with genuine determination.

And remember, the power of adoption lies in making the best choice for you, not anyone else. Your life journey is unique, and your choices should reflect your deepest values and love.

Thank you for joining us on the ‘Hustle for Happiness’ podcast. We’ll be back with more authentic stories and meaningful insights in the future, so stay tuned. Until then, remember that genuine responsibility is a profound expression of love, and it’s a journey that can lead you to genuine happiness.

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